Mwaki fm is a Kamba Radio station owned by Balindiway Media. Our aim is to reach where other radio stations are unable to reach, hence the name MWAKI, which means fire. we air our content in both Swahili, English and kamba languages. This is because we have listeners from all over the world and our aim is to make everybody feel entertained.

Here, we will NEVER air any hate speech or inciting content. Our Journalists are fully trained and have full knowledge of the laws of Kenya.

We are currently still working on our local frequency, but we are fully operational online. You can listen to us live via or download radio box app and just search MWAKI FM.

Our work is to keep you informed, educated and entertained. So sit back, relax and enjoy our great content.

Vaa nivo Kyoteo kya muukamba digital


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