Orders from above: any man above 18years can now arrest DCI kinoti!

Flamboyant city lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi now says that the directorate of criminal investigation (DCI) boss George Kinoti, is a candidate for arrest by any Kenyan above the age of 18.

In a five point analysis of Kinoti’s saga, after he failed to meet the seven day deadline that required him to avail at kamiti maximum prison, Ahmednasir said it is nolonger a preserve of the police officers to arrest the DCI boss.

Further, Ahmednasir said DCI Kinoti was nolonger an employee of the national police service following the conviction for contempt of court.

“His Employment with the police service by operation of law ended yesterday. Any Kenyan above 18 yrs has the legal power to arrest Kinoti,” Ahmednasir noted.

The Nairobi lawyer added that, the orders requiring DcI Kinoti jailed cannot be vacated in law, saying that the DCI boss can only seek a bail release as he appeal the judgement.

George Kinoti was found guilty of court contempt after failing to return the firearm he obtained from city businessman and a presidential aspirant jimmy Wanjigi in 2018.More

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