Miguna miguna in a hot soup after rape case revived!

NRM general Miguna Miguna has once again landed in a hot frying pan after, international human rights law lecturer professor Makau Mutua, petitioned Canadian authorities to arrest him for allegedly raping valnerable asylum seeker.

In a series of tweets on his tweeter official page, Dr. Makau said that Miguna Miguna took advantage of valnerable refugee and immigrant women.

‘’I am finished with Miguna Miguna  — but I am waiting for Toronto courts and the bar to deal with him for charges of rape and sexual coercion on VULNERABLE refugee and immigrant women.

“some from Kenya — who sought his legal help to gain residency and asylum in Canada.  Stay tuned.

“Brother @MigunaMiguna don’t think we’ve forgotten about your MULTIPLE rape cases in Toronto, which I hear are being revived’’. Dr.Makau tweeted.

However, the fearless and unshaken canadian based lawyer, fired back accusing Makau of defamation and promised to sue him for libel.

‘’Continue waiting, Fat Toad. 😂 Kenyans have shown you where you belong: the dust bin. We are extremely pleased that you have exposed yourself as a FRAUD, hypocrite and mediocre despotic apologist.

“I’ll sue you for libel as soon as I return to my office. Save this Tweet! Viva!’’ lawyer Miguna replied to Makau.

According to reports, the rape allegation against Miguna Miguna resurfaced way back in 2018 after Gatundu South member of Parliament Moses Kuria accused him for raping more than three women.

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