How to enable disappearing messages in WhatsApp groups!

WhatsApp is currently the primary app of communication for both videos and messages as people are slowly forgetting other apps like skype and messenger.

The Facebook affiliated application is doing it’s best to win the trust of it’s users and nail down it’s main competitor snapchat.

The introduction of the new feature mimicking that of snapchat was a plus to many and people are now rushing to learn how to enable the disappearing messages feature.

How to enable disappearing message feature In individual chat, either users will be able to turn the feature on and off on their respective phones. Apparently, in groups, only the admin will be able to do so.

Follow these step by step guide. Open the WhatsApp application. Select the contact that you want to disable disappearing messages. Click on the three dots on the right hand side. Go to view contact and click on disappearing and select on. To turn the feature off simply follow the same procedure but thus time round tab of instead of on.

For groups Open the WhatsApp application Open the WhatsApp chat group where you want to enable the disappearing messages feature. Tab on the group name and tab on the disappearing messages then click on. More

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