What Rigathi Gachagua said after Raila called Dp Ruto “kitu kidogo”!

Mathira member of Parliament Rigathi Gachagua has lashed out harsh words to former prime minister Raila Odinga after calling Deputy President William Ruto “kitu kidogo” on a national television.

This is after Raila defended himself frkm allegation that he paid goons in kondele,Kisumu county on 10th November 2021, to interrupt Dp Ruto’s tour in the region, where by Ruto’s motorcade was spelt with stones and few of his team members got injured.

The ODM party leader, stated that Ruto was something small to him “Ruto ni kitu kidogo sana kwangu” hence he cannot pay or send goons to interrupt his business in the region.

Angry Rigathi has further pointed out that kenyans should be cautious about the Presidential aspirant Raila Odinga, saying if he can call the Deputy President of republic of kenya “kitu kidogo ” imagine what he will call or do to a common mwananchi when he ascends tobpower.

“If Raila Odinga Can decide to call the Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya ‘Kitu kidogo sana’,na yeye ni rahia wa kawaida, what do you think he will call you as an ordinary Kenyan, in an unlikely event that he ascends to power?” He posed.

Rigathi, the top allie of DP Ruto from mt.kenya region further warned that the way MPs Junet Mohammed (Suna east) and Babu Owino(Embakasi east) are going around abusing and undermining Mt.kenya is very dangerous.

“The way junet Mohamed, Babu owino and entire ODM brigade are now abusing and undermining Mt Kenya is dangerous and they have not got power.

“Ile power kidogo ya handshake wameanza kudharau wakenya. Lakini mungu ni WA ajabu wameanza ku expose tabia yao mapema”, Hon Rigathi Gachagua said.

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