“Stop riding on people’s victories ” Junet tell Ruto!

Suna East member of Parliament Junet Mohammed has once again taken a swipe on deputy president William Ruto over his remarks during his daily rallies.

Junet, has pointed out that Dp Ruto is a failure and useless, whose work is to ride on other people’s victories and claim it’s his own.

“I hear William Ruto supporters say that Ruto has never lost an election, now my question is, apart from winning the Mp’s seat with 35,000votes.

“which other seat has William Ruto ever actually won on his own? Becoming an Mp is not hard, even Oscar Sudi and kalembe Ndile have become Mps.

“Ruto has been hiding behind other people’s victories and making the victories his own, 2007 he did it with Raila and 2013and 2017 he did it with Uhuru, but Ruto alone has never achieved anything important.”

The Kieleweke faction lawmaker retaliated this due to over and over remarks that’s are made by Dp Ruto, who always claimed that he helped ODM party leader in 2007 to be the first prime minister in the country.

The presidential aspirant also claimed that he helped Uhuru Kenyatta to take the top seat in 2013 and 2017 respectively, Ruto has been taking his rally allover the country popularising his agendas.

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