“You will be the new opposition leader” Moses kuria tells Ruto!

Gatundu South member of Parliament Moses Kuria, has predicted that ODM party leader Raila Odinga will win the presidency in the next General elections by garnaring 52% of the total votes cast.

Kuria, who heads the chama cha kazi stated that, after conducting survey with his cck party, it was clear that, Raila will beat Ruto in the first round on a two race to state House.

The Gatundu South legislator’s survey predicts that the ODM leader would be home, lounging at State House on the first round if he was to face UDA supremo, William Ruto.

Further stating that, 8,129, 000 votes, which will be 52% of the total cast will be scooped by Mr. Odinga. The Deputy President will on the other hand garner the remaining 47%, translating to 7, 420, 000 votes, effectively having him as the new opposition chief.

Moses kuria, who has been number one tanga tanga team member in mt.kenya region and who has been rooting for the Ruto predidency, stated this after falling apart with Ruto’s UDA party.

Dp Ruto and Mp Kuria felt apart after Ruto pointed out that, any leader from mt.kenya region who wants to be part of UDA must fold his small party before joining the United democratic alliance party, something that didn’t go well with moses kuria.

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