Why Raila was forced to end his speech in Meru county!

ODM party leader Raila Odinga’s climb on mt.kenya seems to be coming tougher going by Pro-DP Ruto’s slogans that met him in Meru County today 19th October 2021 during his tour in the region.

Odinga who is trying so hard to win the hearts of more than 5million GEMA community votes, has been in every corner of the region publicising his agendas if elected in the oncoming general election as the 5th president of kenya.

According to the video going round on social media, his tour in meru county wasn’t pleasant as the residents of the region watered down as the crowd that had gathered to witness his arrival started shouting pro-Ruto slogan.

For every sentence that Raila said was replied with “RUTO” disrupting his speech in which he was selling his manifesto for his 2022 presidential race.

Raila” uchumi bora”

Crowd “Ruto”

Raila ” Vijana tibim”

Crowd “Ruto”

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