Nigerian singer Tiwa savage s3x video leaked online!

A blackmailer who has been onthe trail of a well known super star musician Tiwa Savage from Nigeria, has succeeded in making good his threats by releasing the singer’sex tape.

Speaking in an interview with American On Air Personality, Angie Martinez of Power 105.1 , the African bad girl tiwa, stated that she being blackmailed over a sex video that featured her and her current lover.

Tiwa pointed out, she initially thought of paying the price to the blackmailer but later decided to call the blackmailer a bluff and push out her own narrative, that what she did in the said video was something natural.

She added that, if she should have succumbed to the blackmailer threat, he will never back down. She went ahead and said if pressure becomes too much she will upload the video by herself as she that crazy.

To the shock of many, the video has finally made its way to the public domain. Exactly 11 seconds long, it features two people in the act, but only Tiwa’s face is captured on camera.

Report indicates that, during the good time she was on a cruise boat with her significant other and a few friends and at some point, it occurred.

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