Boniface Mwangi blasts Uhuru Kenyatta turn down his job offer!

Activists Boniface Mwangi has thrown a jibe on president Uhuru Kenyatta and turned his job offer down saying he cannot work for a corrupt president.

Adding that, many Kenyans are jobless and poor, but the president who the son of the former president Jomo Kenyatta, had decided to continue the legacy of his late father by grabbing and looting our nation without considering its people.

“I did a photo project in 2013 where l put your president in diapers. I have never voted for this man and I’m so proud of that. I also turned down a job offer from him. I said no to a fucking president!

“The majority of Kenyans are poor, the president, the son of the biggest land grabber decided to continue with his father’s legacy by looting our nation. We are in debt, all of us, and our children’s future is at risk. A country that votes for crooks is a fucked up country.” Mwangi posted on his facebook official page.

The former starehe member of Parliament aspirant, futher stated that he is not afraid of any criticism on his social media platform, he is not Uhuru Kenyatta who deleted his social media account for just being insulted.

“I’m not President Uhuru Kenyatta who deleted his social media accounts because you bullied him. I shall post whatever l want, whenever l want. If you insult me, l shall block you because l can.” He posted.

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