Ann Waiguru revealed why she lives in a separate homes with husband!

Kirinyaga governor Ann Waiguru has revealed why she and her husband lawyer Kamotho Waiganjo lives in a separate houses and meets only on Sunday for their bonding.

Waiguru, who tied the knot to Waiganjo in a grand traditional wedding ceremony in 2019,disclosed that, although they are so much inlove with each other, they live in a separate home because moving in together logistics proved hard.

Speaking to the Nation, the Kirinyaga county boss stated that, even after their marriage her husband kept his Runda home while she resides in kihingo village, kitusuru.

According to Ann, beside the security and safety concerns, the couple found it hard to find one house to live in because they are each attached to their stuffs and they concluded that combining is just too much work.

“Think about it, you choose the furniture, let’s start with the living room, whose stays and whose goes. I am attached to silly stuff and he is attached to his house,” she said.

However, the lovers have found a way to navigate their relationship deapite living in separate homes, they decided to set aside sundays as their time to bond and have fun.

“Sundays are exclusively mine and Kamotho’s. Even the children know that. Saturdays are for the whole family while Sundays are ours,” Waiguru said.

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