“I was paid 30,000 for every woman I raped and killed”

suspected serial killer Paul Magara Morara has confessed that his killings were funded by a popular church and well known pastor who’s name was held due to security reasons.

In his revelation, Morara said that he was paid ksh 30,000 for every woman he murdered, he pointed out that, the church was located in Nairobi, OTC area.

Morara explained to the detectives that, he was directed to target women who were easier to k!ll and as a proof to show he had killed, he was told to provide their bloody soaked undies.

“I was introduced to the church last year by a friend, where every killing attracted an instant pay of ksh 30,000, I was told women were easier to kill, everytime I ended a wowom’s life I was paid for the job well done and this inspired me to do more k!ll!ngs” Morara said.

A 29 years old Morara is said to have joined the cult back in 2013, where bybhe was told he will be paid for every murder he commits.

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