What Mudavadi said to Raila after promising kenyans 6000 monthly!

Amani National Congress party leader Musalia Mudavadi has poked holes in the ODM’s party leader Raila Odinga’s plan of issuing ksh 6000 monthly stipend to jobless youth.

Mudavadi who is also aiming for the top seat come 2022, pointed out that kenya’s economy is at bad state to fund such program and no donor would want to be associated with such.

“I want to tell my friend Raila, even lies requires some intelligence, I heard him promising 6000 each to all unemployed people in Kenya which will add up to 510 billion every year.

“How is that possible amid raising of national debts, Kenya is currently funding its budget through borrowings, no donor can accept such program, even if he’s desperate to be president, he should tell Kenyans the truth” Musalia Mudavadi

The former prime minister and now presidential aspirant, state that he will be funding youth all over the country with ksh 6000 every month if elected president.

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