This is why Raila Odinga won’t be vying for presidency in 2022!

Former Prime minister Raila Odinga has for the first time talked about his race to the state House come 2022.

The ODM party leader retaliated that, he will announce whether he will vie for presidency or not after he has seen a good number of new voters registering in his perceived strong holds.

Raila stated that the quest for the top seat will only be determined by how new eligible voters in his strong hold will turn up to register, urging youth to register as voters so as to secure the well being of republic of kenya in future.

Odinga’s declarations comes at a time when IEBC target to register new voters in the country as follows.

Rift Valley: 1,069, 842

Mt. Kenya: 670,297

Eastern: 648, 752

Nyanza: 619, 152

Western: 443, 671

Coast: 395, 324

Nairobi: 517, 238

Northern Kenya: 147, 685

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