Karanja Kibicho’s words that teared apart Raila’s hope of being the next president!

Interior Principle Secretary Karanja Kibicho has thrown a jibe on former prime minister Raila Odinga for declaring himself as the next president.

During an interview with KTN News,kibicho rubbished off the media claims that, mt.kenya region had endorsed the ODM party leader.

He further pointed out that, mt.kenya region people will only vote for the person who has been listening to their problems and interacting with them.

“The fate of mt kenya region cannot be determined by 10 businessmen who want to protect their wealth.

” Instead the region will support somebody who has been interacting with the people which means he has gained knowledge on how to deal with problems and challenges facing the region.

“The decision of the people can’t be made in a confined hotel but it will be made at the ballot by each and everyone.

“I don’t have personal difference with William Ruto , I’m just working on instructions,” kibicho posed.

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