Junet slams Ruto for entering Mp Peris Tobiko’s personal bedroom!

Suna East member of Parliament Junet Mohammed has blast deputy president William Ruto for “sneaking” into Kishanto Ole suuji’s home to meet his politician wife Peris Tobiko.

“I know Tobiko is a leader,and she has a whole Constituency.She can however take you to the Constituency Office,a school playground or any other place.

“When we as ODM were talking about bedrooms,we meant Kibera and other constituencies,not someone’s compound.” MP Junet Mohammed posed.

The kieleweke faction lawmaker sentiments come few hours after Dp Ruto was accused of trespassing in Kishanto Ole suuji’s home who is a husband of Kajiado east member of Parliament Peris Tobiko.

On 8th October, a drama was witnessed in Kajiado where the second in command had taken his UDA rally and was hosted by Mp Peris, something that made her husband very furious and order the security to halt the meeting but the effort was invain

He however, reported the matter to the Isinya police station, accusing deputy president for trespassing in his compound.

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