(Screen shot) Chikoza hit maker now selling nudes to survive!

Marya, a popular Kenyan musician, who was once a most blazing female superstar in the industry of art in kenya before vanishing from the spotlight years back.

She used to make men crazy with her beauty, stunning body and her sweet voice,she was popularly known with her song”chokoza” which she did with her friend Avril.

It’s said that life has negatively affected Marya after her music career flopped.

Report indicates that, other than working as sex worker at brothel along thika Road, she sell nudes too.

This was uncovered by Blogger Edgar Obare through his BNN Instagram page after one of her customers released their private talk bargaining for nudes.

In the leaked conversation, the customer asked Marya why she doesn’t like shaving ‘down there’ and she reacts by saying that her pubic hair grows fast and that is the reason she is always hairly there.

below are some of the screenshot from the talk

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