Drama in kajiado as Mp’s husband accuses DP Ruto of trespass!

An ugly drama was experienced on Friday 8th 2021 after a United Democratic Alliance (UDA) plotical party was accused of trespassing during a rally in Kajiado.

Among those in attendance was deputy president William Ruto who was being hosted by Kajiado East member of Parliament Peris Tobiko at her matrimonial home.

The second in command presence and his large number of followers caused feud in the family after Tobiko’s husband Kishanto Ole suuji, demanded the meeting to be halted.

Suuji instructed the security guard to stop the meeting since he is the house owner and does not approve of the UDA’s meeting at his compound.

In his statement, suuji said that despite being the homeowner, he wasn’t aware of the meeting until Thursday evening October 7th.

“Im not with those people who enter into someone’s home without asking and without the owner’s consent. Peris Tobiko invited them, but it is my land which I bought by myself,” Suuji remarked. 

However, his wish to disrupt the meeting was not granted as security insisted that it was too late to halt the meeting and I would cause unnecessary drama, something that made Tobiko’s husband to report the matter at the Isinya police station.

The civil servant pointed out that, he felt his wife embarrassed him by allowing Dp Ruto to hold a political meeting at their matrimonial home without his consent.

“They did not ask me and this is something bad that I hate. I hate people coming to politicize in the center of my land,” Suuji added.

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