Miguna miguna blast James Orengo dares him to impeach client 13173!

Canada based lawyer Dr. Miguna Miguna has take a swipe on senior minority leader Jame Orengo to impeach client 13173 in Pandora papers since he loves shouting about impeachment in Parliament.

Fearless Miguna added that,Orengo should stop hiding under Gladys Wanga skirt and pose a motion of impeachment on his new client.

“James Aggrey Orengo loves shouting about impeachment and parliament summons.The Pandora leaks and Pandora papers have given him client 13173 as the best impeachment candidate of all times.Why is he hiding under Gladys Wanga’s skirt?.”Dr.Miguna pointed out.

Miguna sentiments come few days after International Consortium of investigation journalist exposed the Kenyatta family of shelding their wealthy business from the public and investing in a tax havens companies.

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