This is why Facebook , WhatsApp and Instagram suffered 6-hours outage!

On Monday evening 4th October 2021, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram suffered what it’s was considered as worst outage since 2019 when the popular social media went down for 24 hrs

The said social media users around the world reported the outages on all three of the company’s platforms, the outage lasted for 6 hours.

“To all the people and businesses around the world who depend on us, we are sorry for the inconvenience caused by today’s outage across our platforms. We’ve been working as hard as we can to restore access, and our systems are now back up and running.” Facebook said.

In a blog post on Facebook explaine that the outage was in fact caused by configuration changes on their router.

“Our engineering teams have learned that configuration changes on the backbone routers that coordinate network traffic between our data centers caused issues that interrupted this communication.

“This disruption to network traffic had a cascading effect on the way our data centers communicate, bringing our services to a halt.”a blog post from the company read.

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