“Our president is immoral” Gladys Boss shollei slams Uhuru!

Uasin gishu women representative Gladys Sholei has thrown a jab at president Uhuru kenyatta, accused him of being immoral.

Shollei stated that, it is immoral for the head of state to lead a country that is suffering economically when himself is taking his wealth out of the country.

“It may be legal but it is immoral… You cannot be leading a country that is suffering economically when you yourself are taking your wealth out of the country,especially when alot of wealth was made within this country.” Said Gladys Shollei.

Angry Shollei retaliation comes following the recent Pandora papers exposure by Consortium of investigation journalist (ICIJ).

ICIJ had earlier exposed president Uhuru Kenyatta and his family of shelding their wealth from public and scrutiny through foundation and companies in tax havens.

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