Son impregnated mother 3 times using witchcraft!

A family in Muasieni village in Kitui west, were on Friday 1 October 2021 left in a shock after their son confessed that his 3 siblings were indeed his children.

Brian Muthoka, a 27 year old man, claimed that his 2sisters and a brother are his children and demanded a full custody of them.

The shocking revelation was made by a young man who brought the issue before the Kaviko location chief Mr. Amos Musenya who interrogated Brian and his mother and found out that indeed they were vonicating.

After chief’s interrogation, Brian confessed that in 2015 he sort the service of a witch doctor after 5 girlfriends left him.

The witch doctor told him that he was impotent and the girls ancestors were driving him away from the girls.

He was then given a white substance by the witch doctor and instructed him to pour the substance in his mother’s shoes.

” I did as I was told and since then I have sired my three children which I now demand for their custody as their father”, Brian stated.

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