Rigathi Gachagua exposes the dark secret of mt.kenya billionares!

Deputy President William Ruto’s Close ally and Mathias member of Parliament Rigathi Gachagua has exposed the dark secret of the wealthy billionares that emanates from Mount Kenya region.

According to Gachagua, these billionares are the one who invested in both president Uhuru Kenyatta and former president Mwai Kibaki during the 2002 General election.

The tangatanga law maker added that, their plan was to benefit from the leadership of either candidate who would emerge the winner and for that case, Mwaki kibaki took the victory as they wished.

Mathias Mp added that, these tycoons have all the rights to meet and discuss with the person they’ll support because they are all focused in protecting their riches.

“In 2002 waliinvest kwa Mwai Kibaki na Uhuru Kenyatta kikiumana wako sawa pande mbili. In 2007 hawa waliinvest kwa Mwai Kibaki na kwa Raila Odinga ndiyo ikienda either way wakuwe sawasawa.

“So what we must tell our people this wealth men have a right absolutely they have right to meet and decide and discuss how to protect your wealth and how even to become more wealthier, it is their right,” said MP Gachagua.

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