Size 8 and Dj mo heartbroken after loosing their baby!

Celebrated couple Dj mo and Linet well known as Size 8 are heartbroken after losing their baby.

in an emotional video on their YouTube channel, the couple took their fans through the circumstances that led to the loss.

Dj more recalled being called to be informed that his wife was in critical condition and was rushed to the hospital.

“The pressure has been high throughout the pregnancy. At some point we even had to change the medication to try and maintain it,” Size 8 said.

The doctors had to perform an emergency Cesarean section while Dj mo was standing beside her trying to cheer her up.

“Its not an easy thing being here. I have been there in all of them. It is good to support your wife,” DJ Mo said.

The couple, however, they thanked God for keeping Size 8 safe, despite loosing he unborn child due to high blood pressure.

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