“Luos cannot be washed away through bribery of the Odinga Family”Miguna Miguna fumes!

NRM general Miguna Miguna has once again thrown a jab on president Uhuru kenyatta and his hand shake partner Raila Odinga for what he says, they are misleading Kenyans by their fake handshake.

Through his social media page, the exiled Kenyan politician stated that, the kenyattas, Mois and other letters must apologise to Kenyans for 60 years of representation, looting and injustice peace that they made.

“Kenyans will not reconcile with the Kenyattas, Mois and their fellow looters and tyrants without TRUTH about 60 years of REPRESSION, LOOTING and INJUSTICE. PEACE cannot be fertilized by LIES, choreographed AMNESIA and GAMES. Kenyans want and deserve RESTORATIVE JUSTICE.

“Luos will never forget or forgive the brutal assassinations (of Tom Mboya, Argwings Kodhek and others) and genocidal policies and actions (for example during the 1969 Kisumu Massacre) against them by Jomo Kenyatta, Daniel arap Moi and Uhuru Kenyatta.

“The crimes committed by these barbarians against the Luos cannot be washed away through bribery of the Odinga Family, hand-chieths and other PR stunts.” Fearless Miguna Miguna said through his social media page.

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