Wamuchomba lectures Raila Odinnga over mt. Kenya votes!

Deputy president William Ruto’s ally from mt. Kenya region hon. Gathoni Wamuchomba has given ODM party leader Raila Odinga a lecture over his meeting with mt.kenya delegates on 28th September 2021.

“Dear Mt Kenya Foundation. You have finally declared It’s Raila for president.Unfortunately, you are Apolitical hence,You do not represent the views of the people from Mt Kenya region.

“So statements like “our people” are inappropriate in such committments.
Today, you promised someone our votes including mine?

Since you claim to speak for “US”
Did you speak for the small traders in Githurai and Kahawa when they LOST LIVES and properties to demolishers ?

“Did you speak when our people in Laikipia were sleeping in the cold and their animals stolen by rustlers ? So You only speak when brokering power?

“You can afford to spend over 2 million shillings to plan a billionares club forum to promise someone “our ” votes yet you could not send a truck of foods and clothes to our Laikipia Kinsmen. Interestingly, someone was on Ziesta all through

“He was too bored to keep awake PWAAAH. I think he knew they were lying to him…… just as the Media Guru recently and openly shared in Gatanga…..so he dozed off.

“As for me, A tinga presidency is a force down a throat of an already constipated belly !Am Not boarding.” Wamuchomba retaliated.

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