Dp Ruto worried after his biggest ally Adan Duale said he doesn’t trust him.

Former national assembly majority leader, Adan Bare Duale, has shown signs of defecting from Dp Ruto lead party UDA with fear he might be betrayed.

It seems like Duale is still suffering from post-betrayal syndrome after Uhuru Kenyatta lead party jubilee showed him the door for leaning too much on Ruto.

The out spoken leader said he has a problem of trust when it comes to matters politics, adding that he does not trust anyone in political arena.

“It is sad that we are trusting them (political leaders) too much such that we even attempt to WORSHIP THEM.

“We must come to our realization that these are human beings like us and there is no need to keep on receiving less in the name of supporting your master. In my case, I don’t trust anybody including him (William Ruto)” Duale posed.

The outspoken legislator pointed out that, too much trust, fake promises and greed for power are one of the basic things that are making it difficult for political leaders to stick with each other for at least five years.

Duale’s announced comes amidst the backdrop of the North Eastern Region whi have already formed a political tsunami which will be used in the 2022 heated general elections.

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