Why a married Nairobi woman was arrested for running away with a taxi driver!

A married Nairobi woman found herself swimming in a very hot pot of boiling soup after she ran away with a cab driver.

Jane Wairimu Ndung’u disappeared last week Friday, 17th of September 2021, leaving her hubby Brian Mutuku worried about her whereabouts.

Via a report on their social media accounts, Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) said a distraught Mutuku received a call from Jane, who sounded panic-stricken.

Wairimu claimed she had been kidnaped by unknown people who were demanding ksh200,000 as ransom.

“… She claimed to have been kidnapped as she was walking along Loita Street, in Nairobi‚Äôs central business district,” said DCI.

Mutuku filed a missing person report at DCI Embakasi and as the police were doing they work to try trace her, the family raised ksh17000 that they send to the said kidnappers.

What the Family didn’t know is that, Wairimu had eloped with the young cab driver and they were having some goodtime together at his one bedroom house in Malaa.

The distressed family formed a WhatsApp group to contribute for her and after few days, the send another ksh40,000 that made the two lovers travel from Malaa to Mtito-Andei to withdraw the money.

The fearless alleged kidnapper by the name of Richard Mogire had planned to taker his main girlfriend, a university student out over the wicked.

Detectives revealed that, after getting money from Mutuku and Family, Mogire went ahead and picked his girlfriend from the university and brought her to the same house where he was staying with Wairimu.

The three had stayed in the one-bedroom house in Malaa for three days before they were arrested.

Wairimu, after thorough question by DCI said that she faked her kidnap to ran away from creditors who were on her neck after losing her job.

However, it remains unclear as to how Mogire’s university girlfriend found herself in the syndicate since she was not part of the original plan More

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