Woman removed from wedding WhatsApp group for commenting “Mtaachana tu”!

The introduction of technology brought people together. It’s now easier to talk to anyone despite their geological location.

Apparently, the same technology has made people become enemies of each other. You can be a friend for one minute and within a shake of a duck’s tail you find yourself inside enemy zone.

WhatsApp, an app that was developed by Facebook some years ago made life even easier as many use it to organize and plan events like weddings and so on.

Well, some people have mastered a way of using the WhatsApp emoji’s to joke around with other people’s emotions.

Seemingly, many have given less credit on the emojis and they just consume the message as received.

A woman found herself on a very deep pot of boiling soup after she made a comment on a wedding WhatsApp group that angered the couple.

Kiga Bae has been trending on social media after admitting that she was removed from a wedding WhatsApp group after commending “It will end in tears”.

According to her, her comment had no negative motive and she didn’t understand why the bride kicked her @ss out of the WhatsApp group.

“I just said “it will end in tears” jokingly and the bride removed me from the wedding WhatsApp group,” she said. More

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