Woman accuses top lawyer of being a Freemason and sacrificing their daughter, want body exhumed!

A Kenyan woman has filed a case in court wanting the body of her daughter exhumed with allegations that, her ex lover, a top lawyer was behind her demise.

TabbyRose Wanja Wamwitha has accused lawyer Harrison Kinyanjui of being a member of a very dangerous cult called Freemason and sacrificing their daughter.

“The applicant believes the 4th respondent practices and participates harmful religious practices known as freemason,” court papers read.

Wanja now want the body of her deceased infant exhumed, an autopsy conducted by a public pathology and be allowed to burry her on her own land or a nu=neutral ground.

This is because, according to her, after their daughter kicked the bucket , Lawyer Kinyanjui buried her on his own land despite Wamwitha suggesting she ne buried at Lang’ata cemetery.

In the court papers, Wanja says that she has every reason to believe that Kinyanjui had something to do with their daughter’s death that happened on 14th October 2017 at MP Shah hospital.

According to the complainant, the day her daughter passed on, she had suffered from acute fever and Kinyanjui refused to taker her to hospital despite seeing her condition worsen.

She forcefully rushed to girl to hospital behind the lawyer’s back and she died the same day

Harrison in support of his family and some family members from Wanja’s side have rubbished her claims saying the dead should not be disturbed just because of baseless accusations.

“It is wrong to so casually seek to disturb the rest of the deceased infant on such baseless and unfounded allegations that are not backed by any iota of evidence and more or so found on wild speculations,” said Wanja’s aunt. More

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