Meet a mother of 5, who went to Saudi Arabia and returned with 2 kids from 2 different men!

A Kenyan woman has narrated how she left her marriage, 3 children and went to Saudi Arabia seven years ago in search for greener pasture, only for her to return home with two kids from different deadbeat Sudanese fathers.

Merabu Wanjiku, who hail from Gatundu, kiambu County came back home fortnights ago after seven years in gulf with nothing to show off apart from the two lovely kids she sired with foreigners.

speaking to Baruthi wa Thayu YouTube channel, the now mother of five, narrated that she initially left Kenya due to the difficulties she was facing in her marriage from her abusive husband the father of her 3 kids.

“A friend of mine who saw how I was suffering in the marriage gave me the idea to go to Saudi. She asked me to look for KSh 10,000 so that I could get started with the process,” she said.

One fine morning, she left for what she thought was a life changing opportunity, but a year and four months later things started going south.

She narrated that, due to her husband beatings, she was in a constant pain and so handling the house chores in her boss’s house in Saudi Arabia became impossible. She says that she tried to talk to her boss but they were adamant.

“They took me to another Arab’s house to work for them but there, the workload was even worse,” she said.

Wanjiku became more frustrated when Kenyan embassy refused to help her get back to Kenya, and worse part of it, she said that she met a a man and a woman from Kenya who conned her a good amount of money in the name of helping her.

Wanjiku narrated that, she met her first Sudanese lover while parting with other girls in gulf, the guy got her pregnant and sadly, he left to his country never to return again.

“When I became pregnant, he, however, left to his country, never to return. I did not even get to speak to him again,” she recalled.

Few months later after giving birth to a fourth child, she met another Sudanese man who also got her pregnant, and left too.

Life became so unbearable for wanjiku, she opted to give her self up with her two kids at the deportation center few weeks ago.

Wanjiku has been in Saudi Arabia for seven years but she can neither feed herself nor the little kids. The husband she left behind got married and abandoned their three children.

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