Ntakufinya man sues 3 companies for using his image!

Aaron Asiba Matendechere, famed for his “ntakufinya” phrase in a viral video has sued three cooperates for using his image and his buzz word without his consent.

The three cooperates accused of using his image or likeness to endear their product to kenyans without his express permission are, cooperative Bank of kenya, national cereal and peoduce board(NCPD) and Ruiru mabati factory.

According to the local daily, Matendechere argued that the three companies have been rakings in profits from sales influenced by his popularity and image.

In court document filed by his lawyer, Tom Ojienda, says that the three companies have subjected him into mental torture and pressure from his family.

“The said actions have subjected me to psychological torture because the society, peer, associates, family, business partners and affiliates now perceive me to have gained financially from the advertisements,” he stated

He further stated that, he currently survive on debts and he fears that his creditor, who believes that the company paid him for using his name will soon be on his neck.

“I am living with apprehension that my creditors are on the verge of recovering their debts,” a statement filed to the High Court by his lawyer Tom Ojienda read in part.

Matendechere has accused cooperative Bank of kenya for using his image on their social media platform on two separate dates, July 5th and July 22nd 2021.

It’s reported that the financial institution used the image to beseech loan defaulters to pay their dues, the post was caption, “banker akiona loan defaulter akikula kuku town”.

Ruiru Mabati also faces the same fate as Cooperative Bank for using his image on July 13th 2021, after they captioned their post on social media “mambo ya mabati achia Wenden wanajua, usifinywe, Nuneaton ruiru mabati”.

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