What Jimi Wanjigi said after he was stoned in Migori!

The presidential hopeful Jimi Wanjigi has come out to speak about what went down in Migori County during his day 2 of his Nyanza tour.

Jimi lamented that, he is aware of criminal element in ODM party, with their names too, but they won’t stop him from being the 5th president of kenya, he categorically pointed out that, he will be back in Migori and his mission is unstoppable.

Wanjigi went ahead and wondered, why wasn’t he stoned in 2017 during the general election campaign when he funded ODM presidential candidate through out.

“Am aware of criminal elements within ODM, I even know them by their names but they won’t stop me, I funded Raila Odinga in 2017, they never stoned me, but when I declare my candidature, I became an enemy, i want to say this, I will be back in Migori tomorrow and complete my tour in Nyanza, my candidature is unstoppable”. Wanjigi declares!

Raila Odinga’s challenger retaliated this after an awful incident in migori where he met with rowdy and angry youth who stoned his convoy yesterday 17th September 2021, terming the county as Raila’s bedroom.


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