What Edwin Sifuna said after Jimi wanjigi was stoned in Nyanza!

Orange Democratic movement party secretary General Edwin Sifuna, has come out and shared his view over their fellow ODM member being stoned in Nyanza today 17th September 2021.

Sifuna, urged that despite Wanjigi being the main sponsor of the ODM’s 2017 general election campaign, he had no right to enter in Raila’s bedroom without permission and sleep there.

Adding that, he must follow the party’s instructions, and he must seek permission from ODM headquarters before holding rallies especially in Nyanza region.

“Giving us some few shillings for campaign in 2017 does not allow you to enter into Baba’s bedroom and sleep there.

“If you don’t want to follow ODM party instructions, you are free to leave, Wanjigi must seek permission from ODM headquarters to hold his rallies, if not, he is just doing private meetings and should stop associating with the party” Edwin Sifuna pointed out.

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