The viral kisumu hawker lands a life changing deal!

A kisumu hawker who went viral on social media after his comical videos while selling his mitumba women clothes has landed himself a life changing deal with Nairobi based exclusive fashion house.

Sande Mayau well known as mayau dream chaser’s video were shared widely on social media after he opted to dress like a woman in order to attract more customers to buy his clothes.

Well, his acting has landed him an ambassadorial job at kilimani based menwear retailers that deals in clothing, shoes, and accessories covering all the latest brand around the globe.

Sande and the retailers both shared the good news on their social media official pages on Wednesday 15th September 2021.

This was after the hawker was flawn from kisumu International airport to Wilson airport,Nairobi before being chauffeud to the retailer’s main offices in kilimani.

“Mayau Dream Chaser. I used to sell women’s clothes in Kisumu streets, I am now flying to Nairobi to sell men’s clothes.

“I have landed the job (with the fashion house),” Sande stated in a video recorded at Kisumu Airport.

The hawker was later seen at the elegant fashion house marketing the clothes and selecting a bale of menswear for himself.

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