DP William Ruto confesses why he chose to be a born again Christian!

Deputy president William Ruto has finally come out and explained why he chose to be a strong born again Christian, he says everytime he reflects his past life, he only thank God by worshipping him and reading the word of God from the Bible.

“Sometimes when I reflect my past life , it gives me every reason to pray, read the bible and worship God .

“Most people who view me today thinks that I pretend worshiping God to gain sympathy from churchs but that’s not the case.

“I have rose to be Deputy president not because I was wise in my political games buts its because God had a plan for me to change life of those who don’t believe they can rise in life.

“Never loose hope and focus in life , I do often sometimes think I am dreaming of whom I am today but for sure its a reality .

People will always try to pin you down but be strong in God . He will always fight your battles” Deputy President pointed out.

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