This is why DPP want jowie back into the kamiti maximum prison!

Director of the Public prosecution (DPP) Noordin Haji has asked the high court in Nairobi to cancel bail that was awarded to Joseph Irungu alias’jowie’ and have him returned to kamiti maximum prison for violating the terms and conditions of the bail.

The DPP wants the bond granted to jowie to be revoked for a number of alleged breaches which includes being involved in a physical fight at a popular bar in Nairobi’s lang’ata Road area.

According the affidavit filed in Court, the accused allegedly assaulted a man only identified as Rogers Okuga during a night out.

Okuga, who reported the matter to the lang’ata police station , accused jowie of assaulting him while having drinks at a popular drinking joint.

In addition, the investigation officer revealed that Joseph irungu lied about his location, and that he wasn’t living with his mother in Nakuru as he had said before he was granted a bail.

“That the accused has not only gone against the honourable court’s finding on the location or place of abode when honourable judge granted the bail terms by being away from Nakuru County,” the application read in part.

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