When is the right time to change your bra!?

Hello ladies, how old is that your black favourite bra and how often do you change your bra? Sometimes it feels hard and uncomfortable shopping for a bra, not to mention you might pick a wrong size.

That’s why when you get the right size, you want to hold on it alilbit longer than it’s recommended, but a secret to buy a right size is to measure your bra size before purchasing for brand new one.

It’s something you can do it at home all by your self, with the help of someone close to you or you can go for a professional measurement.

When it’s the right time to change your bra? It’s said the bra it self will give you signs that it needs a replacement ASAP.

below are some of the signs that you need to ditch that old bra and get a new one.

1. The underwire is poking into your skin.

2. Straps keeps on falling.

3.the bra is visibly old.

4. The band is too loose.

5. The cups are loo large.

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