Meet Esther, a businesswoman who lost more than ksh50 million in a month!

A once respected Nairobi/ Nakuru based businesswoman identified as Esther Njihia had amassed million of shilling from importing good into the country.

However, report indicates that Njahia lost everything and she’s now hawking porridge and arrow roots in Nairobi City.

In a YouTube show, Esther narrates that in early 2000’s she imported vehicle, photocopy machine, furniture, building materials and at one time she sold a phone to the late president Daniel Arap Moi.

According to Esther, her goods were fairly priced and cheaper than what was in the market at that time, hence, she worked with different companies and got many clients.

All this time, she was living in Nakuru where she had a 6 bedroom mansion, residents in the area referred to her as a tycoon.

she said that had saved enough money to enable her expand her business and shift to Nairobi City, and that’s when her predicament began.

“This is the point where my life changed and led to me losing all the money that I had worked for,” she disclosed.

She sold her 6 bedroom home in Nakuru so that she could purchase a ksh40 million house in Nairobi. However, in the video she narrated that, upon paying, the ownership of the house was disputed as it emerged that the property was written under five individuals.

In addition, her friends tricked her and introduced her to certain company where she was told to invest and her money will be tripled.

“My friends told me to invest my money in a company by the name Desi. There, they promised, the money would be tripled and I would not have needed to take any bank loans to buy a home.

“I had deposited a total of Ksh11.4 million in the company‚ĶEvery time I decided to invest, I would lose the money and not get anything in return,” she said.

She disclosed that, untill now, she has never recieved a penny from what she invested or what the company promised as dividend.

“All the money that I had got used up in just a month,” she said.

Further, Esther noted that, she had also invested ksh 4.2 million in a company she refused to name because it’s headed by an influencial goverment official.

The agreement between the company and herself was, she will be paid ksh400,000 per month for 10 years. Regrettably, the company defaulted on the payment and it ended up being a court case which she lost in 2018.

Years later, Njihia now sells porridge to people in Nairobi city.

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