Veteran journalist dies after being bedridden for 14 years!

The family of a veteran journalist Domic Odipo has confirmed to Mwaki news that their loved one has passed on after 14 years of being bedridden.

A brother to the deceased Francis Odipo stated that the former journalist met the angel of death on Saturday, September 11th 2021 at a Nairobi hospital.

According to the report, Dominic died after suffering from stroke related complications, he had been bedridden for 14 year after suffering stroke in 2013.

Report indicates that, in 2019, Odipo suffered yet another stroke that took away his ability to speak, thus made him not able to walk and speak.

His brother Francis Odipo, who was a pillar inthe journalist life, pointed out that, the deceased used to communicate with signs and by writing down.

The second stroke prompted a fundraiser in July 2020, to take Odipo back to the hospital and to ensure his guaranteed care going forward.

May his soul rest in peace.

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