Miguna Miguna exposes Raila and Uhuru over kazi kwa vijana billions!

General Miguna Miguna fearlessly exposed his former boss ODM party leader Raila Odinga and president Uhuru Kenyatta over embezzlement of funds that were supposed to support kazi kwa vijana initiative in 2007 to 2013.

Miguna, via his social media page stated that, when Raila was then the prime minister and President Uhuru Kenyatta his deputy, they introduced kazi kwa vijana and pesa kwa wazee by giving 15000 hungry jobless youth a panga to cut grass along roads and highways, only for them to stash ksh25 billion abroad living the youths unpaid and hungry.

“When conman @RailaOdinga was Prime Minister of Kenya and despot Uhuru Kenyatta was his deputy, they introduced KAZI KWA VIJANA, PESA KWA WAZEE.

“About 15,000 hungry youth were given PANGAS to cut grass along roads and highways. Then conman Raila Odinga and despot Uhuru Kenyatta STASHED KES25 BILLION ABROAD and left the youth jobless and destitute.

“Why didn’t they introduce the HIGH-TECH JOBS between 2008 and 2013 when they claim that they controlled the TREASURY and the Government? Why didn’t they build SPACE SHIPS to the moon? They did not even manufacture wheelbarrows! CONMEN!

“When I opposed their looting spree and championed the rights of millions of Kenyans, they changed my office locks in my absence and choreographed a chorus against me. Conman Raila Odinga and despot Uhuru Kenyatta are THE ENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE.

“What has prevented the despotic drunkard Uhuru Kenyatta from building manufacturing plants, car assembly plants, hospitals, recycling plants, light rail and huge irrigation schemes and agricultural farms to make Kenya a middle income economy?” Miguna posted on his social media page. More

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