Rigathi Gachagua slams kanini kega over a question he posed on social media!

Rigathi Gachagua answers kieni member of Parliament Kanini Kega’s question on what is happening in Ol Moran after he posed a question on his official social media page.

” What’s happening in my neighbourhood (Laikipia) in not good at all, Ethinic profiling and persecution will be not tolerated” kanini kega said.

In a response by mathira member of Parliament Rigathi Gachagua, he stated that “Am shocked you don’t know what is happening to your neighbors. What happening is; Matiang’i, Kibicho and Mutyambai are too busy fighting Deputy President William Ruto to spare even a minute to bother about the people of Laikipia.

“I have heard you brag on how close you are to the President. Instead of lamenting on social media please place a call to him and ask him why Laikipia people, who elected him three times, are being killed recklessly when he is Commander-in-Chief.

“In case you don’t get him you could, if you are genuinely concerned, offer some first aid assistance by sending the goons you had deployed in Narumoru to stone the Deputy President to go and stone the bandits killing the people in Laikipia”. Said Rigathi through his social media account.

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