MCK demands an apology from Babu Owino over threat messages to citizen news editor!

The media Council of Kenya (MCK) has demanded an apology from Embakasi east member of Parliament Paul Ongili allias Babu Owino over threat messages to one of the citizen’s senior news editor Muraya Kariuki.

In the statement issued on Wednesday 7th September 2021, MCK stated that, Owino should withdraw his threats and further apologise to the journalist, terming the threats from the law maker as “intimidation and a major infringement on press freedom.”

“Media Council of Kenya takes exception with the threats issued by Embakasi East MP Babu Owino to Citizen TV journalist Muraya Kariuki on his coverage of the ODM leader (Raila Odinga). This amounts to intimidation and a major infringement on press freedom.

“As the protector of media freedom in Kenya the Media Council of Kenya demands that the MP withdraws the threats and issues an appropriate apology to the journalist and the media fraternity,” reads the statement.

The MCK further adviced the ODM lawmaker to file any media grievances he has with the media complaints commission which is legally mandated to handle such matters under section 27 of the media Council act 2013 and issue appropriate remedies.

The Media Council of Kenya condemns any actions by politicians to threaten journalists as they undertake their rightful duties. We urge politicians and leaders to uphold decorum in engaging with the media; to promote positive dialogue as we get into the electioneering period,” added the commission.

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