Raphael Tuju vows to expose DP Ruto’s source of wealth!

Jubilee party has gone hard on their deputy party leader William Ruto by going public to question his source of wealth and how he pays taxes.

Speaking in Nairobi today ,6th September 2021, the party secretary General indicated that they have the truth by their side” we have the truth by our side”.

According to Tuju, in 2015 deputy president William Ruto declared that he was worth 100 million Kenya shilling.

He wants to know he acquired so much wealth and assets like choppers, hotels, and land worth billions of shillings, all while studying for his Ph.D. in less that 7 years.

Tuju further linked the DP to mega graft scandals and abuse of office, asking him to refund his stolen goods to the government for distribution to the hustler nation.

“We request that in his wonderful act of transparency, he shows us his very big payment to KRA,”

“While the exact average of what he (DP Ruto) is said to own may still be debatable, he has accepted the ownership of at least 3600 acres of land … he should show ‘hustlers’ and us clueless adults on how to acquire such property in such a short time,”

“Ksh7 billion disappeared and he assured us it would be returned. It has never been returned by the Italians. His daughter was the ambassador in Rome at the time and since he has some private business in Italy, would he be so kind to this nation of ‘hustlers’ to use his vast business network to recover this money.”

“We request a truthful response of the DP to these matters raised for the sake of Kenyans. The time is over for cheap, media spinning and media doctoring,” he stated. More

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