Aisha Jumwa speaks why she dumped her fisherman hubby!

Malindi member of parliament Aisha Jumwa has finally broken her silence over he allegedly failed marriage to her ex husband who is a fisherman.

The Truth of matter is, the malindi lawmaker might be making waves in inthe world of politics both in coastal region and nationally but she had to pay a price to get there.

IN a recent interview, the mother of three revealed that her marriage crumbled when her political career started going upward and forward trajectory.

Aisha, further disclaimed insinuations that her separation was linked to her change of status I the society given that her ex-husband is a ‘lowly’ fisherman.

“I’m not answerable to any man even though people say I’m the one who left him. My ex-husband said he could not have a wife who was a politician, there is no way I could kill my (political) career (because of my marriage), so we divorced.” she explained.

However, the UDA legislator pointed out that her needs a woman were met by another man.

“Do I look like someone without a man? There is a difference between having a husband and having a man. I’m not married but I have a man.” she posed. More

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