Kipchumba Murkome slams Raila Odinga after Azimio la Umoja in Bukhungu event!

Elgeyo Marakwet senator Kipchumba Murkome has taken a swipe on former prime minister Raila Odinga for allegedly using state House to intimidate hustler nation.

Murkome has pointed out that, the ODM party leader is now depending on non existent deep state and the system after realising that the ground has shifted to hustler nation and he only has 20% votes across the country

“Raila is now depending on non existing deep state and system after realizing ground has shifted to hustler nation.

” Turkana,western Kenya,ukambani and coastal region that used to support Raila has now joined Hustler nation,the old man is left with less than 20% votes across the country.

“he is now using police force to intimidate hustlers to join Asimio but it has bore no fruit, he is using kra and DCI to frighten politicians and businesmen but bore no fruit.

“Itumbi is victim of the same, they have lost several by _elections, the simple answer that Raila should give is that “he must not swear In himself again” and rather accept election results.”Hon murkomen posed.

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