Mp Mbadi speaks after engaging in a fistfight with Mp koros tearing his eye apart!

National assembly minority leader John mbadi was on Wednesday 29th December 2021 ejected from Parliament after he attacked soin-sigowet Member of parliament Bernad Koros with blows.

The ODM’s lawmaker, while addressing the journalist outside the Parliament, he pointed out that he punched Mp koros on his face after he bit his finger.

“Koros wanted to vote for a member who was absent against the direction from the Speaker. When I tried to stop him, he bit my finger and I punched him as part of my self defense,” Badi said.

Presiding speaker Christopher Omulele(Mp for Luanda) ordered Mbadi to leave the parliamentary chembers for what he explained as gross misconduct during the special sitting to discuss the controversial political parties (amendment) Bill.

The speaker further ruled out that Mbadi will not be allowed in parliament for five days “Mbadi, you are directed to leave the precincts of this House for gross disorder. You are ordered to withdraw for a minimum of five days,” Omulele ruled.

Mbadi, in his defense, he said that speaker did not give him enough time to explain himself/what had happened.

“The Speaker refused to give me time to explain what transpired. But because he is the Speaker, I will abide by his ruling,” Mbadi said.

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