Exposed: Miguna Miguna exposes why Denis itumbi was abducted and beaten almost to death!

“Mr. Dennis Itumbi is the best evidence against what conman
Raila Odinga and his cows have been doing since March 9, 2018: Anyone who supports a tyrant like despot Uhuru Kenyatta is busy digging his/her grave. #BBIFraud and Asimio La Ujinga machinations are two deep graves.

“Those condemning Dennis Itumbi and other UDA kenya members who supported the atrocities despot Uhuru Kenyatta and Conman Raila Odinga CONSPIRED to commit against me are missing the point. It was despot Uhuru Kenyatta who ORDERED the atrocities to be committed. Not Itumbi and others.

“Despot Uhuru Kenyatta is ultimately in charge of the police and Kenya’s murder/assassination squads who kidnap, illegally detain, torture, maim and murder Kenyans. Thugs like
Fred Matiangi, Karanja Kibicho, KweKwe and other death squads report DIRECTLY to Despot Uhuru Kenyatta.

“Condemn despot Uhuru Kenyatta for all the atrocities committed against Kenyans. Hold despot Uhuru Kenyatta responsible for Chris Msando’s death. And all the deaths and atrocities committed by all the death squads. Don’t cowardly waste ammunition on Dennis Itumbi.” Miguna posted on his official Facebook page.

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