DCI Kinoti cries foul as he begs for protection “protect me, am being harassed”!

The Directorate of criminal investigation(DCI) boss George Kinoti, has filed an affidavit appealing a second warrant of arrest issued against him by the hight court on Tuesday 15th December 2021, pointing out that he had been subjected to harassment.

The DCI boss, Inthe affidavit filed on the evening of 14th December, asked the court to issue a stay order on the warrant of the arrest and from continued harassment that he was subjected to by presidential candidate and city tycoon Jimmy Wanjigi and his wife Nzisa Wanjigi.

Kinoti further stated that, he is afraid that the harassment will not stop unless the court intervined in his case.

“I, George Kinoti, state that I am apprehensive that the continued harassment of myself shall continue not unless the court grants the stay orders sought in my application dated 30th November 2021,” he stated in his affidavit.

THe affidavit was in support of the application filed by attorney General Paul kihara Karuiki through lawyer, Cecil miller on Tuesday November 30th 2021, to block Kinoti’s arrest.

However, the high court judge, Anthony Mirima, dismissed the appeal stating that there was no new or compelling evidence to support the application.

“Review entails court making a departure on the earlier issue. The applicant relied on the issue of discovery of new evidence that was not availed to the trial court and would have led the court to reach a different finding,” stated the Judge.

Justice Mrima directed that Inspector General of Police, Hillary Mutyambai, arrests Kinoti for failure to surrender to prison for contempt of court.

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