DP Ruto’s son fire response to President Uhuru Kenyatta’s speech during jamhuri day!

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s speech during jamhuri day celebrations has stirred different opinion among Kenyans, becoming a heated discussion all over social media.

Among those who weighed in on his remarks is deputy president William Ruto’s son, Nick Ruto, Who was seemingly angered by President’s remarks on the BBI being a dream deferred, Nick took to his social media page and discriedit the statement.

“a deferred dream” was wrongly used by the President considering where it was first used.

“It is a distortion of history for President Muigai to call BBI “a dream deferred”. That line comes from Langston Hughe’s poem “Harlem” which asks ‘what happens to a dream deferred? Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun?’,” Nick Ruto stated.

The Scion further stated that the context of the phrase is when the American dream 2as not accessible to the black who had been enslaved for decates.

Firmly lecturing the head of state that using the context on matters BBI was not applicable.

“It was not about the dreams of autocrats which are not accomplished due to the resistance of the people, which is the case of BBI,” he added.

The DP Ruto son at the same time faulted the media for not interrogating the remarks deeply so that they can enlighten the masses

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